About Us

AshiLegal provides high quality legal research and drafting services to Attorneys. We specialise in the area of Labor and employment law matters of the State of California and have an experience of over a decade assisting several preeminent California Attorneys and law firms on illustrious matters.

We assist law firms and Attorneys by researching for relevant case law and drafting pleading, motions and briefs for both single plaintiff and class action cases in state and federal court, from the discovery phase to summary judgment, and through trial.

AshiLegal team consists of outstanding graduates of top law schools and experienced lawyers who are thoroughly trained and highly skilled in Westlaw® and other necessary research tools to provide the most comprehensive and efficient legal research.

AshiLegal assists on a wide array of employment matters involving sexual harassment; retaliation; discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, religion and disability; whistle-blowing; fraud and wrongful termination. We also have extensive experience with wage and hour class actions involving claims for meal and rest break penalties, overtime wages, minimum wages, improper deductions, indemnifications, tip sharing, waiting time penalties, misclassification and Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) penalties.