AshiLegal bills on an hourly basis. We offer high-quality and experienced legal assistance – without the high cost structure of larger organizations. More importantly, our clients do not have to pay for the learning curve.

We request a pre-authorised time for the project from the Attorney, and give regular updates on the progress of the project. We never exceed the authorised hours unless approved by Attorney.

We understand the seriousness of our work and what it means to the Attorney and his reputation, hence our effort is always to give a complete and accurate assessment of the relevant law. Neither do we get complacent just because we have found something relevant right at the beginning of our research nor do we boil the ocean without discussing the issue with the Attorney.

We do not believe in short-term gains, our endeavour is to being a resourceful weapon in your armoury in your litigation battle for your client. Our motive is clear and uncompromising, save our client’s time and money and provide peerless quality work.