How We Work


Depending on the convenience and flexibility of the Attorney, we rely on emails; phone calls & skype calls for correspondence regarding the projects.

Confidentiality & Conflict Check

We understand the significance of confidentiality between our Attorney client and his clients and are committed to highest level of the security and confidentiality of the information that you share with us. We never work where there is a conflict between our Attorney clients, or our Attorney clients’ clients.

Files Sharing

Most of the files are easily shared through emails however large number files especially during discovery phase are often shared through Dropbox and other similar online storage websites.

Legal Research Tools

We use Westlaw as our primary research tool and also rely on official orders and guidelines published by state and federal administrative bodies like IWC, DLSE, OSHA, FEHA, USDOL, et al.


AshiLegal bills on an hourly basis. We offer high-quality and experienced legal assistance – without the high cost structure of larger organizations. More importantly, our clients do not have to pay for the learning curve.

We request a pre-authorised time for the project from the Attorney, and give regular updates on the progress of the project. We never exceed the authorised hours unless approved by Attorney.

Turnaround Time

We recognise and understand the dynamic nature of practicing law and always put our best efforts in delivering the project to the Attorney on an expedited basis. Our typical turnaround around for drafting pleadings or research on a particular issue is 3 business days or lesser. However, a complex motion which involves research on multiple issues may take longer time for which we request to be assigned the project in advance.