We have several years of experience in using legal tools like Westlaw and are exceptional with our research and drafting skills which are precise, succinct and delivered on an expedited basis.

Case Evaluation (Pre-Litigation Research)

  • analyzing facts with established and current judicial precedents
  • background check on corporations’ history of lawsuits
  • review of arbitration agreements
  • review of releases in previous settlements (if any, in class actions law suits)
  • checking on statutory limitations
  • exhaustion of administrative remedies available like PAGA letter to LWDA, FEHA right to sue letter and others
  • preparation of PAGA letters

Employment Litigation Research 

  • employment discrimination on the basis of age, gender, disability, sex, race, religion, and national origin among other protected classes
  • misclassification of employees
  • wage and hourly matters including but not limited to unpaid wages, minimum wages, overtime, working conditions, improper deductions, indemnification, tip sharing, waiting time penalties, meal and rest breaks
  • enforcement of restrictive covenants
  • employment contracts
  • wrongful discharge
  • constructive discharge
  • harassment at the workplace
  • whistleblower protections
  • enforcement of trade secrets

Employment Litigation Drafting 

  • Pleadings (complaints; answers and counterclaims)
  • Motions (motion to certify class; motion to compel arbitration; motion to compel discovery; motion in limine; motion for judgment on the pleadings; motion for summary judgment; motion for partial summary judgment; motion to set aside judgment; motion to dismiss; motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, et al.)
  • Briefs (mediation briefs; trial briefs)


  • propounding and responding to discovery (form interrogatories, special interrogatories, production of documents, admissions)
  • identifying, preserving, collecting, reviewing, and analyzing the relevant information and documents (employment agreement, employee handbook, arbitration agreement, E-discovery etc.)
  • preparation of deposition summaries